At the Law Office of Nawal A. Daoud, P.C., we takethe initiative to learn and understand what our clients need.  We know there are many choices in theChicagoland area when it comes to legal providers.  The difference is we take the time to explain the legalitiesof your case and provide legal advice before we are retained.  We will help you in weighing youroptions to help meet your needs. 

Communication is key with our clients.  We work to provide an attorney-clientrelationship unique to each client’s needs.  Our goal is to provide a personalized attorney-clientrelationship based on each client's unique requirements.  Our beliefs are focused on providing thebest advice to our clients.  We arecommitted to providing the best legal advice to our clients based onexperience.  We are dedicated to providingprompt, valuable, and quality service in an efficient matter.

At the Law Office of Nawal A. Daoud, P.C., we keep withthe latest advancements in technology to deliver the best legal servicepossible.

At the Law Office of Nawal A. Daoud, P.C., werepresent clients in many different types of transactions, including

  • Sale/purchase of residential properties;
  • Sale/purchase of commercial properties;
  • Sale/purchase of businesses;
  • Constructing commercial and residential leases;
  • Creating Land Trusts;
  • All aspects involved in creating a corporations and limited liability companies.

We are ready to work on your case.


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